Episode 10: Bring on Marzipan

Have you thought about how much of your personal computing is done on non-traditional computing devices? You might find your perspectives changing. I sure did! On this episode, I briefly share my thoughts on the changing face of computing, and the impact it will have on my beloved Mac.

Episode 9: Microblog Musings

On this episode of clevercast, Jonathan explains his love for Micro.blog in the wake of the controversial WordPress 5.0 release, and then shares why openness matters.

  • ditchbook – Free yourself from Facebook.
  • futurepub – Scheduled posts, powered by Micropub.
  • micromemories – Create an “On This Day” page for your Micro.blog website.
  • Indiepaper – A read later service built for the open web.
  • microgram – Create a “Photo Grid” page for your Micro.blog website.

Episode 8: Summer Catch-Up

In this episode, I catch up from my summer microcasting hiatus! There’s a lot of ground to cover, including IndieWeb Summit 2018 and projects that I’ve worked on for my wife’s Micro.blog website. Here are some links for projects discussed in the show:

  • Indiepaper – my “read later” service built for the IndieWeb
  • ditchbook – my open source toolkit for migrating content from Facebook to your own website
  • micromemories – my open source service for creating an “On This Day” page for any Micro.blog hosted website.

Enjoy the episode!

Episode 7: Owning My Location

In this episode, I talk a bit about building out a location tracking service for my own personal use, and some new features for my website that I built on top of it. This is another dive into the world of “serverless computing,” which I am having a blast with.

Some links from today’s show:


Episode 4: Paying (with) Attention

Its been over a week since the last episode. I’ve been really busy with work and family and… you know… life! Its been a bit stressful, honestly, and that’s what this episode is all about. Its a big shift from the first few episodes, but this time, I talk a bit about my brain, and my efforts to get more mentally and physically healthy.